Warning Signs

They indicate the existence or the possibility of dangerous conditions for the traffic.
When finding some of these signs, drivers must circulate in moderate speed. Find out some of the warning signs:

Bend to rightBend to right (or left if symbol reversed)
Indication of a dangerous curve on the right (or left if symbol reversed).


Double bend first to left Double bend first to left (symbol may be reversed)
Indication of a closeness and dangerous curves at the first left


Double bend first to left Uneven road
Indication of road or stretch road where there is several pavement deformations.


Steep hill downwardsSteep hill upwards (10% is equivalent to 1:10)
This sign indicate the slope ascent percentage.


Road narrows on both sidesRoad narrows on both sides
Indication of a narrowing track with the configuration in the sign.


Slippery road Slippery road
Indication of a road section pavement which under certain conditions, can become slippery.


School crossing patrol aheadSchool crossing patrol ahead (some signs have amber lights which flash when crossings are in use)
Indication of a place frequented by children such as school, park or other similar games

Zebra crossing Zebra crossing

Indication of approaching pedestrians crossing.
WARNING! When approaching a zebra crossing, the driver should wait for pedestrians to finish crossing the road, even if the sign allows him to move forward.

Pedestrians in road aheadPedestrians in road ahead
Advice that can be found pedestrians crossing the road.


Cross road Cross road
Indication of a nearby intersection or junction where are established a general rule of priority right.


Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead
Indication of a level crossing in the proximity, with gates or barriers.

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