Indication Signs

The set of signals that follows tries to provide drivers with useful information.

Information signs

The information signs indicate the existence of places with interest and other useful indications.

Existence of a hospital and the driver must take some precautions in order to avoid making noise as much as possible.


One-way trafficOne-way traffic
This sign indicates that the traffic keeps only one direction or that ended the road where the traffic was done in both directions.


Recommended speedRecommended speed
Indicates the maximum speed that the driver is advised to use.


Bus StopBus Stop
The location where public transport vehicles stop.



Entry on a motorway and, therefore, the traffic rules applies for that type of roads.



The exact location where it is possible to perform an u-turn



Direction signs

The direction signs indicate the exit destinations, which can be associated to the identification of the road where the driver is in.

Exit (destination) signExit (destination) sign
Shows the direction of an exit and the destination to which it gives access.

Direction in a urban centerDirection in a urban center
The direction of destinations inside or outside the urban center.

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