Ecodriving is an efficient way of driving that reduces:

• fuel consumption
• the emission of gaseous pollutants
• the emission of greenhouse gases
• the road accidents, since it decreases the hard acceleration and braking

To become an ecodriver here are some useful rules:

• Initiate the driving as soon as possible
• Avoid accelerating abruptly
• Maintain speed as uniform as possible
• Do not drive at high speeds. Besides implying a higher risk, it will increase fuel consumption
• Check tire pressure regularly
• Drive straight ahead, trying to predict what will happen
• Whenever possible, brake with the gearbox before resorting to the brake
• Brake smoothly
• Avoid making unnecessary overtaking, because it implies an extra consumption of fuel
• Keep a safe distance appropriate to the vehicle in front. This will give you time to react safely and avoid sudden braking or acceleration

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