Accion of driving on a wet surface with a resulting decrease in wheels losing traction

Defensive driving
Defensive driving is the term used for reasonable and responsible operation of a vehicle. It is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving.

Direction signs
Signs that indicate the diferent destinations when approching junctions, sometimes with the indication of the itinerary.

Eco-safe driving
To be an ‘eco-safe’ driver is to contribute to road safety as well as reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Information signs
Signs that intend to give useful information about roads, direccions, historical locations.

Obligation signs
Signs that transmit to people the obligation of having certain behaviours.

Pavement marking
Markings drawn directly on the roadway that help to position vehicles and guide drivers through many different situations

Periodic vehicle inspection
A vehicle is inspected to ensure that it respects all regulations; it is required at various times

Prohibitory signs
Signs that inform and advise people of any behaviour that could be dangerous.

Regulatory signs
To instruct road users on what they must or should do (or not do) under a given set of circumstances.

Special regulation signs
Signs that are used to indicate a regulation or a danger warning applying to the traffic lanes.

Temporary signs
Signs placed to advertise or announce a specific event which is not designed or intended to be placed permanently.

Traffic infractions
Traffic, rules and signs violations which can result in traffic tickets.

Unimputable person
Person not responsible for its actions due to its age or defined by law; those acts are the drivers responsability.

Unreliable person
Person that cannot be trusted due to its irresponsable driving.

Warning signs
Warning signs indicate an immediate hazard and they inform people about special precautions that are necessary.


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